Texas hospital supplements
Texas Hospital Supplements
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Texas hospital supplements

Texas Hospital Supplement Plans

Hospital Supplements for Texas Residents
Provides Direct Payment for Hospital Expenses

Use to lower the cost of your health insurance
Provides additional dollars if you are sick or injured
Available for difficult to insure individuals
Use with HSA to eliminate high deductibles
Extend your hospital stay if you need it, even if the insurance company wants to throw you out

Available for Individuals or Groups

What are Hospital Supplement Plans?

Hospital indemnity or hospital income policies are generally inexpensive plans that pay you a set number of dollars for days that you're in the hospital. Some plans even cover out-patient procedures.

Who Needs a Hospital Indemnity Plan?

Even the best health insurance plan doesn't cover all the costs of hospitalization or medical care. Major medical plans typically pay 80%, and only after you've paid an annual deductible. And that's just for the expenses they cover. What about the cost of a private hospital room, private duty nursing, and in-hospital physician's visits? Many plans either limit or exclude these expenses altogether.

Also, there are the hidden cost associated with a hospital stay ... those personal expenses your family incurs if you're hospitalized ... things like travel, lodging, meals, housekeeping expenses, etc. Here are some of the uses for a hospital supplement:

- To cover your deductible and coinsurance. It is often much more cost effective to have a higher deductible and a supplement to pay your out-of-pocket costs, then it is to pay for a low deductible.
- The Supreme Court has decided that your insurance company can throw you out of the hospital against doctor's orders and there isn't a thing you can do about it (the justices either have great insurance or they are on Medicare). A few more days in the hospital can make all the difference in the world. With a supplement you can tell the insurance company to stick it and pay the next few days with the supplement.
- You can use the supplement money to make up for lost wages, childcare cost, non-covered expenses or just take a vacation and recuperate. Its your money and its paid directly to you.

Who is Eligible for a Hospital Indemnity Plan?

Texas hospital indemnity plans are generally available to those who are employed a minimum of 30 hours a week. It can be your own business, part-time, independent contractor, etc. If you are not employed, you can be carried on a spouse's plan. We have one product that does not require employment.

Is There Medical Underwriting?

It depends on which plan we offer you. Some plans have limited medical requirements but they are not as strict as regular health insurance. There are plans that are guaranteed and will take anyone.

What Do They Cover?

Depending on which supplement you purchase, the benefits may include:

- An initial lump sum for your first hospital admission of the year
- A daily payment for each day you spend in the hospital
- A lump sum payout for outpatient surgery
- A fixed amount for each outpatient doctor visit up to a certain number per year
- Surgical benefits that pay a fixed amount based on the type of surgery performed
- Emergency room payment for accidents or injuries
- Ambulance costs

These benefits are paid to you directly and with the exception of the surgical benefits, are paid regardless of why you are in the hospital. There are certain exclusions for elective procedures.

Will They Cover Maternity Expenses?

Some plans cover maternity costs in the same way they cover all other eligible expenses. They do require that you do not deliver until you have had the plan for 10 full months. This is there way of knowing that you were not pregnant when you applied for the plan.

For more information, please give us a call. These plans can also be written for groups of any size.

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