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Texas Accident Insurance Plans
(You can get these plans in most states)

Low-cost insurance for accidents or injury at play or at work

Accident insurance will cover your medical expenses* for an accident or injury only. It does not cover sickness. However, for a relatively small monthly premium, you can get up to $10.000 of coverage. There are no medical questions and most occupations are covered.

You can cover your entire family for about $35.00 a month

These plans are great for families with "active" children.

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What Does the Plan Cover

It covers: medically necessary treatment by a physician or dentist; hospital room and board; dental work due to injury to sound natural teeth up to the benefit limit specified in the policy; drugs; medicines; diagnostic tests and x-rays; treatment performed by licensed medical professionals; or rental of durable medical equipment.

Two Important Features Included with All Plans

All of the accident plans come with two very valuable features. This is what makes them stand-out, in my opinion, from all other accident plans:

1. ConsultADoctor - You can call a physician (not a nurse, this is a U.S. based, licensed physician) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You and your family members can connect instantly with our network of physicians for information, advice, and treatment including prescription medication, when appropriate. Consult A Doctor's services are available to you at home, work, or wherever you may be. The $38 consultation fee (that is what they charge if you bought this plan on your own) normally associated with your consultation is waived.

2. MyNotificationServices - My Notification Service™ offers an emergency medical and contact notification service. When an incident occurs, whether it is medically related, or an accident, our emergency call center team will send potentially lifesaving medical information, specified by you, to emergency responders or hospital staff anywhere in the world. We will notify up to 9 contacts, such as family, friends, someone to care for your child or pet, even your employer. You can choose to have them notified by phone, text message, or email, informing them of your situation and location. At MNS, our mission is to provide you with peace of mind.

Accident Insurance - When and Why You Need It

If you have a health insurance plan and are taken to the emergency room, you must first meet your deductibles before they pay anything at all. With the cost of health insurance going up by double digits each year, many families have been forced to accept high deductible plans. So, a $2,000 emergency room visit, which is not uncommon, comes out of your pocket.

Furthermore, when you take the supplemental accident riders on your health insurance, the usually cover you for less than $500. It is not enough. The cost of these riders is usually the same or more than our supplemental accident coverage.

Accident Medical Program Summary

The Accident Medical Programs are available with four levels of coverage:

* $2,500 per accident per person, with a $100 per accident deductible.
* $5,000 per accident per person, with a $100 per accident deductible.
* $7,500 per accident per person, with a $100 per accident deductible.
* $10,000 per accident per person, with a $100 per accident deductible.

Policy pays for Specific losses from Accident Only. Benefits are not for losses due to sickness.

These plans are very simple to apply for. You can simply apply online by clicking here. Then, scroll down for the Accident Plan and use the info and apply buttons.


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