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Texas Health InsuranceDoes the high cost of Texas health insurance premiums make you angry? Read on and maybe there is something you can do about it.

Texas health insurance premiums are going up and up. Like the rest of you, I am totally disgusted with the lack of affordable health insurance. It is costing me a small fortune to insure my family. It is one thing to work your butt off for your home, your children's education or retirement. But, when you are working just to pay insurance premiums, something is terribly wrong.

Look, we know damn well that health insurance companies are not your friend or mine. They will deny a claim anytime they are able to. They will raise rates on a consistent basis as much as they think they can get away with. If you have any preexisting conditions, they will, in all probability, not be covered - if they insure you at all. I am sorry if I am ranting.

Don't worry, it is not hopeless.

Everybody asks me the same question: "Which is the best Texas health insurance plan?" You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? The fact is, you have a few companies that are complete garbage and the rest are mediocre at best. The most you can hope for is that your claims will be paid in a timely fashion and will not be denied due to a loophole.

It does not cost any more to have me help you find a decent plan, make sure you apply honestly and properly so your claims won't get denied, and be there for you if there are any problems. Don't play health insurance Russian roulette on the Internet. At least scroll down a little and check out this web site.

NEWS:We still have a plan that will cover a child(ren) without a parent on the plan. Click on Texas Health Insurance for Children

The Easiest Way I Know of To Save Money on Health Insurance

We can use a combination of a supplemental hospital plan combined with a higher deductible health insurance plan. The result is lower premiums and better coverage. Unless you just struck oil in your backyard, you should take a minute or two and learn how we lower premiums. Low Cost Texas Health Insurance.

If you have a health problem and cannot qualify for private health insurance I do have some limited benefit plans that are the best in class. Guaranteed Issue Texas Health Insurance Plans

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Saturday 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

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Texas Health Savings Accounts HSAHSA (Health Savings Accounts) - Free Health Insurance?

The government will help you pay for your health insurance. I know what you are thinking, but it is true. The new HSA plans can save you so much money on your taxes, that in some instances, the tax savings could equal the cost of your insurance premiums or reduce them to almost nothing. Our politicians finally did something right.

These are major medical PPO plans that permit you to put money into a special savings account. The money you put into the account comes right off of your gross income at tax time. You do not even have to itemize. Plus, if you are self-employed, the cost of the health insurance comes off of your taxes as well.

Try this on for size: a couple in Austin pays $167 a month for health insurance and their tax deductions (they are in the 30% bracket) were $185 a month.

The government gives them back 30% of their contribution and the plan paid them another 4% interest. That is 34% annual interest on their money. Thank you Uncle Sam.

To read more about Texas HSA plans click here


Texas Dental PlansWe have real PPO Texas dental insurance plans where you can use any dentist you want. It has a huge national PPO dental netwok.

This plan has no waiting period for many major procedures and a very short waiting period for others. Preventative work is covered 100% with no deductible.

If you dentist told you to get a PPO dental plan, this should do the trick. Texas PPO Dental Plan (click now)


Get a reduced fee for service plan for about $6.50 a month. Some of these plans offer free cleanings, x-rays and exams. If you want to see what plans and dentists are in your area, put your zipcode into the box. This is a discount plan not a PPO. There is limited coverage but it might still be a bargain.:

Enter your ZIP code to view plan details, savings information and participating dentists for all available discount dental plans in your area.

Find my dentist

.Have a look at our Texas Dental Plans page for details


guaranteed issue health insuranceGuaranteed Issue Health Plans for Texas Residents - If You Have Been Declined For Health Insurance, We Can Help.

We have health insurance that you can obtain regardless of your current medical condition. These are real insurance products. They are not discount cards or accident plans. If you have been declined for a health insurance, have a look at these plans. Some cover the hospital only and others will offer doctor and prescription coverage.

If you are self-employed you can obtain full major medical coverage with no health questions..

Guaranteed issue plan details - click here


maternity insuranceMaternity Insurance

There is no such thing as maternity insurance plans!
But, we do have plans that will help pay for part of your maternity expenses and save you money on your entire hospital bill.

Check out our web page on Texas maternity plans.

Prescription Plans

Adding prescription coverage to your health insurance plan might add considerably to the premium. Besides, if you think they are going to cover your current prescriptions, you're dreaming.

You can get a real prescription plan with copays for prescriptions for $20 a month. They will cover both generic and brand-name drugs. You can use over 42,000 nationwide pharmacies.

Get more information on our Prescription Co-Pay Plans

prescription plans

international insurance

Health Insurance for Non-Citizens

If you do not have a permanent visa or green card, it can be very difficult to obtain health insurance. We have international health insurance plans for foreign nationals living and working in the United States. International Health Insurance - Click here for details.

Texas Health Insurance Buying Tips

Let me save you some time and money while I save myself the aggravation. Every day I get calls from what sound like normal, intelligent individuals that will not purchase health insurance because the plan does not cover their preexisting conditions. "You won't cover my allergies! Then what the hell do I need health insurance for?"

Ok, here is the deal. You buy health insurance so you can get admitted to the hospital without a social worker putting you on welfare or winding up a science fair experiment for a 20 year old intern who was playing video games six months ago. If you can afford health insurance and qualify for it, get it. Health insurance companies will not give you back your premium checks each month by paying for your preexisting conditions. Health insurance is for the "big stuff" and everything else is optional and available if and only if the insurance carrier wants to cover it.

I am not lying to you, this is really how it works. Your bad back, the new knee you need, the lipsuction you have been dreaming about - forget it and thank God you are still healthy enough to even get health insurance at all.

Health Insurance is Not Sold at an Auction

All health insurance plan rates in Texas are approved by the Department of Insurance. There is no such thing as bargaining. So, John Smith in Dallas will offer the same plan for the same premium as Mary Jones in Austin. You can shop until you are blue in the face and have every screwball in the country calling you about insurance. Nobody will sell you a plan that I carry for less money than I will.

My advantage is that I have multiple plans from multiple companies. I am also a coupon-clipping, bargain hunting consumer. I know how to combine the right pieces to get you the most coverage at the lowest rates. I can't do much else but I am really good at this.

- Understand your coverage before you send in the check. If the plan has limitations on benefits, you need to know it in advance. I can't tell you how many people I talk to who have no idea what their current benefits are or what benefits are being proposed to them. Ask hard questions. Make the agent explain anything you don't understand. Are there dollar limits on room and board (not good)? Are there dollar limits for surgery (very bad)? Don't get hypnotized with the pretty brochure.

- Health insurance plans that have limits on days in hospital or per illness dollar limitations are not recommended. Unfortunately, the agents who represent these plans are not usually forthcoming. C'mon, use your head. Do you think that 300 bucks a day is adequate for hospital room and board? "But the agent assured me that it would be enough" Oh please, give me a break.

- Stay the hell away from captive health insurance agents. Some agents work for marketing organizations that offer plans from only one company. They compete for trips and prizes and get read the riot act if they do not "produce". I strongly suggest you do not purchase insurance from an agent that represents only one company. If someone wants to charge you $100 or more to sign up, it is the first sign that you have found the wrong agent.

- High deductible health insurance plans are often the best value. There is no point in spending $2000 a year more in premiums for a prescription card and $500 less in deductible. You don't have group insurance anymore so stop asking for $250 or $500 deductibles. They cost too damn much and you have better things to do with your money. If you have too much money we need to talk right away.

- Don't let anyone feed you crap about regular, usual and customary. If you are in a PPO and you go to a hospital that is part of the PPO network, you are automatically billed the pre-negotiated rate. There will be no surprises as the costs are negotiated in advance. This is how most health insurance plans in Texas are sold.

- Foreign hospitals do not accept US health insurance cards so be prepared to pay. Travel insurance is not expensive and should be a part of your trip plans. We have travel insurance plans for vacationers, frequent travelers and international citizens. Click here to find out more about international insurance.

- There is no such thing as a cheap health insurance plan. If someone offers you a product but somehow avoids the word "insurance" be wary. There are many individuals who sell medical discount plans that make you think you are either buying health insurance or don't need it. Sometimes they include a daily hospital supplement or accident plan. Stay clear of these individuals. If you want a PPO discount network card let me know. I have very inexpensive plans that are not part of some multi-level marketing scam.

- Also, while we are on the subject of "cheap", I promise you will get a premium increase every single year. You can count on it. It doesn't matter what health insurance company you use. If you get an increase give me a call. I will either tell you to stay where you are or I will move you to a less expensive plan. In many instances I can shave off a lot of the increase. This is another reason to use a broker and not a captive agent with only one company to offer.

- In Texas, health insurance plans are not guaranteed issue. If you have preexisting conditions they will probably be excluded. In some circumstances you can be refused coverage altogether. Make sure you discuss these concerns with your agent. If an agent ever hints that you should conceal something, get rid of the agent pronto. You are committing a crime (felony in Texas) and you will find yourself without coverage. We do have some guaranteed issue plans. Call and tell us what your concerns are. We might be able to help.

- I need to say this one more time. Health insurance plans do not generally pay for preexisting conditions. If you have a medical condition that requires a prescription, regular medical care or have been told that you will require surgery in the future, there is an excellent chance it will not be covered. No, there are no laws that will force them to cover it. I don't care what your neighbor, friend or brother-in-law told you.

- If you are pregnant you cannot get health insurance in Texas or just about any other state. Your husband cannot get health insurance and your children cannot get health insurance. Heck, your dog can't even get health insurance. I know its nuts but those are the rules. Maternity coverage, when it is available is expensive. There is a 12 month wait before a maternity rider is active. If you have had a C-section, you cannot get a maternity rider. I am sure this is not what you want to hear but that is how it is.

- If you have a PPO plan you are entitled to the discounted PPO rate for services. So a doctor visit might still only cost $35 or $40 instead of $75, and a lab fee $15 instead of $60. Learn how to take advantage of PPO discounts. It will save you a fortune. Ask me and I will explain it to you. You cannot make an intelligent decision about your coverage levels unless you understand how a PPO works.

- I could give you a long speech about financial ratings. The fact is, I have a great health insurance plans with an A- rating and had a lousy plan with an A+ rating. Unless you do this for a living and have personal experience with many companies and have listened to hundreds of complaints and sad stories like I do, you could not begin to know which are the best companies. You are going to have to trust me for this information. As I mentioned earlier, I represent a lot of plans so you have a fighting chance of getting a good company. If you agent has only one company to offer... well, you decide.

Internet Health Insurance Shopping - Buyer Beware

The Internet can be useful when shopping for Texas health insurance plans. After all, you found me didn't you? Unfortunately, most of the people you will contact on the Internet will not be licensed agents. They will be national marketing companies that will sell your name and phone number or e-mail addresses to the highest bidder for insurance leads that week.

If the form asks you what state you are in or wants your home address, do not complete it. It is in all probability a marketing company and not an insurance agency - beware.

The marketing companies will fill your email full of junk offers for mortgages, cell phone plans and promises of a larger penis or breasts (or both). Fill out my request form or call me before that happens to you (unless enhanced body parts sounds like a good thing). I am a bit of a nut about privacy and I assure you that I will be the only one to give you that annoying phone call or send you an obnoxious e-mail

If you send me a request for a quote and do not include a phone number you will not get a quote. I will not fax you a quote and I will not email you a quote without speaking to you first. I have a lot of plans and carriers and there is no point in guessing which one you want or if you are even qualified.

So, don't be paranoid. I am not going to steal your credit card numbers, call you in the middle of the night or put a freeze on your phone so you can't hang up (I wonder if that's possible). I will answer your questions and give you a very competitive quote.

Seriously, I am not as crazy as I sound and I promise I will only take a few minutes of your time. You can hang up anytime you want - although it would unbelievably rude. Give me a call or a number where you can be reached. If you leave a message, give me a break, I don't take shorthand. Some people sound like they are on speed when they leave a number.

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